It’s EQA’s mission to contribute to respectfully harvest and utilise unintermittent and intermittent (renewable) sources of energy, gracefully provided to us by nature. We support the shift from fossil to renewable energy consumption.

Within our company, it is required that everything we do is environmentally friendly. Our solutions are therefore provenfishfriendly. And certified as such.

We offer plug & play and easy-to-install and relocate solutions only.


Production of renewable energy offers a transition from centralised to decentralised energy production. Decentralised (local) energy production offers a myriad of advantages. Both environmental as well as economic. Both on-grid as well as off-grid. Worldwide.

EQA offers renewable energy producing and storage solutions that compete with the economics of traditional energy sources. EQA solutions can be well-integrated in the daily requirements of the user(groups).


Large and free floating rivers offer the world a large and unintermittent renewable energy potential. EQA offers an A-typical solution. No large scale invasive constructions. But light- weight, removable, plug & play smart watermills. Proven technology. Proven to be highly fish-friendly.

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We have a fish safety report. If you would like to receive it, please send us an email at contact@eqaenergy.com with your company/government name, your personal name,  address, telephone number  and e-mail address. We will get in touch with you.


  • One EQA RIVER produces up to 150 KW/h. Every day.
  • 100% unintermittent | base load energy source
  • Providing 100-300 households of ultraclean power
  • Annual CO2-redution: 500.000 KG
  • Designed to be fish-friendly. Certified fish-friendly
  • On-grid or off-grid integration with user preference
  • Energy Storage solution optional
  • Plug & produce in max. 3 hours after arrival
  • Low maintenance (by EQA)
  • Provides 24/7/365 water quality measurement data
  • Operational worldwide
  • Co-development with client is an option
  • Lease or rent are optional





Our Team consists of experienced blue-chip professionals in engineering and water-related project development.

We design, engineer, install, and maintain all EQA renewable energy installations. Everything in one hand, we provide well-coordinated and care-free service from first design to harvesting renewable energy.


Interested in what EQA Energy can do for you?

Please contact Ir. Rik Lurinks at +31 (0)6 42 35 86 28 or via e-mail contact@eqaenergy.com .

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